Erie County Fair Wins Seven 1st Place Awards In IAFE Competitions

2nd place winner in agricultural “livestock photo” category


The Erie County Fair was recognized internationally with seven first place awards in a recent competition sponsored by International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE). A total of 25 awards were received. The Erie County Fair competed in a divisional class that consisted of fairs with attendance of over one million, which puts the Erie County Fair in the same class as many of the largest state fairs. The Erie County Fair won awards in the following categories:




1st Place – Innovative Ways To Use Technology (QR Codes in Urban Farming)

1st Place – Agriculture Education Photo

2nd Place – Non-fair related agriculture event (Adult Ag-Education programs)

2nd Place – Livestock

2nd Place – Agricultural program area beautification (Urban Farming Trail)




1st Place – Overall Marketing Campaign

1st Place – Website

1st Place – Marketing/Promotional Display Piece (Erie County Fair Beer)

1st Place – Promotional Advertising Poster

2nd Place – Newspaper Ad: Black & White

2nd Place – Electronic Newsletter

2nd Place – Web Advertisement

3rd Place – Single Brochure/Flyer

3rd Place – Use of Technology (Fair Day Live television show)

3rd Place – Promotional Event (New Food Showdown Celebrity Judging)




1st Place – Off Season Non-Animal Contest (Hay Bale Throwing Competition)

2nd Place – Display Method or Prop (Divider Wall Made of Pallets Used)

2nd Place – Single Photo of a Display

2nd Place – Display Photo Series

3rd Place – Single Photo of a General Display, Non-Animals

3rd Place – New Single Class of Non-Animal Competitive Exhibits

3rd Place – General Display Photo Series




3rd Place – Sponsorship Innovation (General Welding/WNY Snow Gauge)

3rd Place – First Time Sponsorship (Lake Shore Savings Bank/Charging Stations)

3rd Place – Sponsorship Continuity (Made In America/Daily Flag Retreat Ceremony)



The awards were presented at the IAFE Convention in San Antonio, Texas that was held November 25-28, 2018. Over 2,500 fairs, festivals, expositions and suppliers in the United States and internationally, are members of IAFE.

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