4-H Youth Development

4-H Youth Development

How Do I Enter?

It is necessary that you view all the important information listed below in order to enter correctly.

You may enter competitions by clicking the "Enter Online" link.  All competitions will be entered online.

*You will be directed to another web page "Blue Ribbon Fair Online" where you will be instructed to create an account.
*You will click on the "Entries" tab to find the classes you wish to enter.
*You can review the classes entered on the "Review Entries" tab
*YOU MUST go to the "Items/Checkout" tab to put in your payment information BEFORE your entry will be considered submitted.

To contact the Competitive Exhibits office at entries@ecfair.org or by phone at 716-649-3900 ext. 6407

Entry Information Deadline
4-H Fair Rules & Regulations
4-H Rules & Regulations
4H Schedule
Achievement Communications & Expressive Arts 7/11/2016 (closed)
Advanced Special Project 7/11/2016 (closed)
Animal Equipment & Accessories 7/11/2016 (closed)
Cloverbuds 7/11/2016 (closed)
Community Service 7/11/2016 (closed)
Electrical 7/11/2016 (closed)
Entomology 7/11/2016 (closed)
Environmental Education 7/11/2016 (closed)
Fine Arts & Crafts 7/11/2016 (closed)
Food & Nutrition 7/11/2016 (closed)
Food Preservation 7/11/2016 (closed)
Heritage Art Crafts & Documentation 7/11/2016 (closed)
Home Environment & Accessories 7/11/2016 (closed)
Ornamental Horticulture 7/11/2016 (closed)
Photography 7/11/2016 (closed)
Public Interaction 7/11/2016 (closed)
S.T.E.M. 7/11/2016 (closed)
Table Setting Exhibit 7/11/2016 (closed)
Textiles & Clothing 7/11/2016 (closed)
Vegetables Fruits & Nuts 7/11/2016 (closed)
Wood Science 7/11/2016 (closed)