ATV Big Air Tour
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ATV Big Air Tour

Date: Aug 17, 2021
ATV Big Air Tour hits the dirt on Tuesday, August 17 at 7:00pm.
The show is FREE with gate admission to the Fair. No Grandstand ticket is required for entry to the show.
ATV Big Air Tour
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The show is composed of 14 action-packed scenes with some of the most talented ATV, Motorcycle, UTV, and BMX riders in the Country. Big Jumps, 450cc high performance motors, backflips, incredible balance acts, launching a 1,300lb Polaris RZR, crowd games, good music and more.

You will laugh, you will scream, and you will be floored by how high in the air our Big Air riders go. We start the show with a tribute to our nation’s flag, free giveaways, and a quick “trick tutorial” about the stunts you will see during the performance.

We play crowd games where fans can win prizes, and a select few will get to walk out on the show floor and play the ultimate game of “ATV Tennis”. The show finishes with our CRAZY Big Air Finale trains where all riders are in the air at once, some upside down, one after the other merely inches apart. One guy even wears a microphone as he flies through the air!

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