The NY Dairy Princess program was started in 1963.

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Eden, NY

Magdalene-Richmond-profile.pngWant to know a real life princess? Magdalene Richmond is a 19 year old Morrisville State College student from Eden, New York, who just happens to be the 2012 Erie County Dairy Princess. The Dairy Princess, in the words of Magdalene and her father, is the “cheerleader of the dairy industry”. Her jobs include educating the public on the importance of dairy in their lives. Magdalene accomplishes her goals in a variety of ways including working in classrooms with children learning about “3 Every Day” of dairy products, representing the dairy industry at dairy cattle shows, handing out dairy samples at festivals and events, and participating in parades.

Magdalene was crowned Erie County Dairy Princess at a pageant held at the 2012 Springville Dairy Festival where she was asked to give a children’s school speech as well as conduct a personal interview with three judges. Magdalene became interested in the Dairy Princess program because she has a personal connection to the dairy industry; her father is a dairy farmer in North Collins, New York, and she grew up around cows helping with chores and showing dairy cattle at local and state competitions. She currently attends Morrisville State College where she studies dairy science, with the hopes of becoming a herdsman (the person on a farm responsible for the care and wellbeing of dairy cattle) because of her love of cows.

When asked what the one thing she would tell the public about the dairy industry would be, Magdalene said it would be to “make sure you get your 3 of milk, cheese, and yogurt everyday”.

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