Firefighters Day

Friday, August 11

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3:00pm            Memorial Service ~
                          Firemen's Building

6:30pm           Firefighters Parade
                           GUSTO Grandstand
                       Results below

Be sure to stop by the Firemen's Building throughout the day for various demonstrations. 




Marching Units
Best Appearing Fire Fighters Color Guards

1.  Orchard Park
2.  Lake Shore
3.  Colden
4.  North Boston

Best Appearing Fire C. Auxiliary 5-15

1.  Lake Erie Beach
2.  Highland Hose

Best Appearing Fire Co Auxiliary Color Guards (attached)

1.  Lake Erie Beach

Best Appearing Fire Co 5-10

1.  North Boston
2.  Farnham
3.  Colden
4.  Gowanda

Best Appearing Fire Co.  11-20

1.  Allegany
2.  Big Tree
3.  Woodlawn
4.  Sheridan

Best Appearing Fire Co. 21 and over

1.  Lake Shore
2.  Orchard Park
3.  Hamburg
4.  Lancaster

Most Fire Fighters in line

1.  Langford - New Oregon

Best Appearing Fire Co. Jr's or Explorer Units

1.  Vigilant
2.  Armor
3.  Farnham
4.  Depew

Best Appearing Color Guards (All other marching units)

1.  Vigilant Explorers Color Guard

Best Appearing Men & Women Marching Units (Outside County)

1.  Allegany Fire Department
2.  Gowanda Volunteer Fire Department

Longest Distance (Outside County or USA)

1.  Allegany Volunteer Fire Department

Musical Units
Senior Drum Corps

1.  Pine Hill

Senior Bands

1.  Marilla
2.  Newton-Abbott

Continental Units (Bag Pipes, Bugle & Fife)

1.  Greater Buffalo Firefighters Pipes and Rums
2.  Caledonia Pipe Band

Cadence Units, Fire Department Class A (with Bells an Drums, minimum 4 pieces)

1.  Bowmansville
2.  Lancaster Fire Department

Cadence Units, Fire Department Class B (Drums Only, minimum 4 pieces)

1.  Allegany Volunteer Fire company

Cadence Units (Non Firematic) Class A (With Bells and Drums, minimum 4 pieces)

1.  Renegades

Overall Music unit

1.  Renegades


1.  Allegany Fire Company
2.  Harris Hill