Environment & Sportsman Building Booths
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Environment & Sportsman Building Booths

The Conservation Building is staple at our Fair, it has been a staple for a VERY long time! Our Fair guests look forward to coming this building each year. The Erie County Fair, out of dedication to this building has created a committee of like-minded people who are passionate about outdoor education, that want to see the building flourish.

Our mission is to increase educational opportunities with hands-on, kid friendly, staffed exhibits that are engaging for the fair guest.

The committee has rebranded the building which will now be the Environment & Sportsman Building.

With the rebrand, some exciting new things and with participation from all of you that have booths in the building, we will have more opportunity to promote the building in our Marketing plan and highlight new events and variations.

Each booth was asked to formulate a plan within the group about how we can accomplish the mission together. Here is where you can submit your plan to us. We will reach out to each group individually to discuss their plan. These plans should be something that is engaging to our guests, an activity that all ages can enjoy…

Environment & Sportsman Building


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