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How Do I Enter?

It is necessary that you view all the important information listed below in order to enter correctly.

Starting May 1, 2020 You may enter competitions by clicking the "Enter Online" link. All competitions will be entered online.

  • You will be directed to another web page "Blue Ribbon Fair Online" where you will be instructed to create an account.
  • You will click on the "Entries" tab to find the classes you wish to enter.
  • You can review the classes entered on the "Review Entries" tab
  • YOU MUST go to the "Items/Checkout" tab to put in your payment information BEFORE your entry will be considered submitted.

Contact the Competitive Exhibits office at entries@ecfair.org or by phone at 716-649-3900 ext. 6407


You can enter your items at the 2020 Erie County Fair, official rules will be posted in February 2020, but here are the basic guidelines to follow*....

General Canned Goods Rules

  • Please read and abide by The Erie County Fair and Creative Arts Department rules and regulations.
  • Only one (1) entry may be made in a class.
  • Each jar must be labeled on the bottom with the following Information: (A) Class Number, (B) Variety of exhibit.NO LABELS ON SIDES OF JARS. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THE JAR.
  • Check jar for perfect seal before entering.Any product that spoils or ferments after it has been judged shall forfeit its premium.
  • All meat and meat products, (except dried), must be pressure canned.All vegetables, except dried or pickled, must be pressure canned.
  • If food has been artificially colored, it must be stated on label.
  • Entries in classes #1 – 37, 39, 51-52 must use regulation home canning jars; pint jars only, no quart jars will be judged. Jars must have rust free screw bands in place.
  • Entries in classes #41 – 50 (jellies, jams, preserves and conserves) you must use glass regulation canning jars. (Nothing larger than a pint jar will be judged).Jars with molded designs in glass are acceptable as long as they are clear. Jars must have rust free screw bands in place. (No paraffin)
  • All preserved food must have been canned within the year.
  • A sweepstakes ribbon will be awarded to the exhibitor winning the most first and second awards.The Tri-Color may be awarded to the exhibit judged most outstanding overall.An exhibitor may only be awarded either the Tri-Color award or sweepstakes.
  • Dried food categories should be packed in regulation pint canning jars with screw tops and packed attractively.Jars need not be sealed.

We reserve the right to dispose of any spoiled food.

Score Card for Canned Goods:

Color (20) As nearly as possible to the color of the freshly cooked product; even color.

Clearness (20) Clear liquid, free from bubbles.Must cover canned product.

Texture (20) No blemishes; firm enough to hold shape; uniformity.

Pack (20) Attractively arranged with the best use of space; uniform pieces; jars full (1/2 to 1/8 inch from top, according to product)

Container (20) Suitable size as specified according to class.Perfect seal; clean and properly labeled.No rust on lid or screw band.

Premiums for Classes # 1 – 3 Blue - $10.00 Red - $8.00

1.Canned Vegetables* (1 variety in each jar) FIVE varieties in same size & height jars.
2.Canned Fruits (in pints) or Fruit Sauce (in half-pints) (1 variety in each jar) FIVE varieties in same size & height jars.
3.Pickled Food Items FIVE varieties (in same size & heights jars.)

Premiums for Classes # 4 – 37 Blue-$8.00 Red-$4.00
4. Canned Applesauce
5. Canned Blackberries or Raspberries
6. Canned Blueberries
7. Canned Cherries
8. Canned Peaches
9. Canned Pears
10. Any other Canned Fruit or Fruit Sauce (not apple)
11. Dried Fruit or Fruit Leather
12. Fruit Juice (not Tomato)
13. Canned Beets*
14. Canned Beans (Whole)*
15. Carrots
16. Any other vegetable not listed above
17. Tomato or *Vegetable Juice
18. Canned Tomatoes (whole, in juice or water or stewed)
19. Sauerkraut
20. Any Dried Vegetable
21. Dried Meat
22. Poultry*
23. Meat & Fish*
24. Dried Herbs
25. Chili Sauce
26. Pickled Peppers
27. Pickled Mixes Vegetables
28. Bread and Butter Pickles
29. Sweet Pickles
30. Dill Pickles.
31. Pickled Fruit or Vegetable not listed
32. Relish
33. Salsa or Picante Sauce
34. Spaghetti Sauce
35. Flavored Vinegars (attach recipe and uses) (Entry must be in a clear bottle, not to exceed 16 oz)
36. Soup or Stew Meat/Vegetable/Chicken
37. Pie Filling

Premiums for Classes # 38 - 40 Blue $8.00 Red- $4.00

38. Family Tradition - 1 jar (any item). 1 adult and 1 child (up to 17 years of age.) Child must submit a 3x5 card telling what they learned. ANY SIZE JAR FROM ½ PINT TO QUART ACCEPTED FOR THIS CLASS ONLY.
39. Meal Deal - 3 items total (3 separate jars) Meal must consist of 1 meat and 2 sides of your choice.
40. Baby Food – any variety, in a 4-8 oz. canning jar

Premiums for Class # 41 & 42 Blue-$10.00 Red-$8.00

41. Jelly (3 varieties) in same size and height jars.In decorated basket.
42. Jam (3 varieties) in same size and height jars.The decorated basket must be related to the Fair’s Theme

Premiums for Classes # 43 – 50 Blue-$8.00 Red-$4.00
Jelly – 1 jar
43. Strawberry or Raspberry
44. Any Other Jelly

Jam – 1 jar
45. Strawberry or Raspberry
46. Any other Jam
47. Preserves – 1 jar
48. Marmalade – 1 jar
49. Fruit Butter – 1 jar
50. Sugar Free Jam any Flavor

Scoring on jelly and jam is based on Color, Clearness, Texture and Container, with 25 points each.Please state name of fruit on label.

* Rules are subject to change for the 2020 Erie County Fair, check back in February for the official rules.

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