Passenger Cars & Personal Mini Vans
The prices listed are the same for all lots attached to The Fairgrounds. Accessible parking is available at each lot, however, motor scooters and wheelchair rentals are at gate 2,4,and 5 only. 

August 12 - $2.00
August 13 - $4.00
August 14-23 - $5.00

15 Passenger Vans


*Passenger Vans and Buses are not eligible for parking discounts.

Gate Location
1 McKinley Parkway- large iron gate, Fair entry near Gusto Grandstand
2 Quinby Drive- east, Fair entry near 4-H Youth Development Building and Tops Avenue of Flags Stage
3 Quinby Drive- west, Fair entry on Strates Midway
4 South Park Entrance- Fair entry between the Event Center and Hamburg Gaming
4A South Park Event Center Doors- Fair entry into the Event Center
5 Clarke Street- Fair entry near Horse Show Rings and National Grid Family Entertainment Complex
6 McKinley Parkway Entrance closer to Clarke Street- Fair entry on track


NOTE:  The closure of the driveways on Quinby Drive does not block local or pedestrian traffic. Both Gates 2 and 3 are opened and operating as normal. The Quinby driveways on the Fairgrounds will be exit only to vehicle traffic. 
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