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James E Strates Midway

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The James E. Strates Midway returns to the Erie County Fair in 2022 for its 98th year!
For generations, the annual arrival of the James E. Strates Shows train has been a highly anticipated event for fairgoers and enthusiasts of Americana. Strates Shows Midway will not be arriving by train in 2022.

The Strates Shows midway features rides, games, sideshows, concessions, and shopping.

Weekday One Price Ride Day Wristband
Valid Monday-Friday. Available for purchase for $30 each. Available to purchase either on the Strates Shows Midway during the 2022 Erie County Fair or online below.
Strates Shows FUN Card - Great for sharing!
Much like a gift card, FUN Cards are the currency of midway rides. FUN Cards are re-loadable and may be shared by the whole family. They can be used any day of the Fair.
FUN Cards can be purchased at the Fair or online for $50 for 120 credits.
OR guests may load credits in an amount onto the card at the ticket kiosks on the midway.

Rides are approximately 6-12 credits each. Credits at .50cents each.

Purchase weekday one price ride day wristband or 120 credit fun card online.
Redeem your voucher at the Midway Ticket Booths during the Fair.
Click Here To Buy Tickets

Ride Ticket Purchase FAQs

If you purchase your one price ride weekday wristband or fun card online and are having issues, please read the information below.

Q: How do I print my ticket voucher?

A: To print your ticket voucher, click on the blue “Access Ticket(s)” box in your receipt email. Your ticket will appear in a browser window, and you may print it from there. Take your voucher to any Strates Shows ticket box at the Fair to redeem it for your Fun Card or Wristband.

Q: What if I have an issue with a credit card charge?

A: If you have a question about a credit card charge, please contact the Strates Shows office at info@strates.com or (407) 855-3939 (M-F 9AM to 5PM). Sometimes, a declined ticket purchase may appear as a pending charge on your online bank statement. This depends on your card issuing bank’s policy, and we have no control over that. The pending charge should disappear within 24-48 hours (longer, if a weekend or holiday). If it doesn’t, please let us know.

Q: I lost my receipt. What should I do?

A: No problem. Contact our office at info@strates.com or (407) 855-3939 (M-F 9AM to 5PM), and we will send a duplicate receipt to the email address you used when you purchased the ticket.

Q: I ordered my ride wristband/ride card online, how do I redeem my voucher?

A: Visit the Midway Ticket Booths during the Fair.

Ride Height Reguirements

Strates Shows Rides at the 2022 Erie County Fair

Circus Train 36" minimum, under 36" with an adult
Cliffhanger 46” minimum
Construction Zone 36” minimum
Crazy Mouse 55" minimum to ride, 45"-55" must ride with an adult
Cuckoo Haus 42” minimum
Dino 36" minimum, 1 year and up may ride with adult
Dizzy Dragon 42" minimum, 36" minimum with an adult
Double-Decker Carousel 42” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Dream Wheel 40" minimum, 40" to 56" must be accompanied by responsible patron
Euro Bungee Spectrum: None
Euro Bungee Vertical Reality: None
Family Swinger 42” minimum outside, 36” minimum inside
Fire Chief 42” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Fireball (The Claw) 48” minimum, 77" maximum, 220 lb. maximum
Fireball 2000 (Ring of Fire) 48" minimum
Giant Wheel 48” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Haunted Mansion 42” minimum, 36”-42" must be accompanied by an adult
Himalaya 60" minimum, 48"-60" must be accompanied by an adult
Jolly Caterpillar 36" minimum, 2 years and up may ride with adult
Jumbo's Flying Elephants 45” minimum, 36” minimum accompanied by an adult
Mini Indy 40” minimum to drive, 36” minimum to ride
Mini Jets 42" minimum
Mini Teacups 36” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Monkey Maze 42” 42" minimum, 36" - 42" may ride with an adult
Musik Express 52” minimum and age 8, 78” maximum
Pirate 48” minimum, 39”-48” may ride with an adult on an inside seat
Pop-A-Wheelie (Jump Cycles) 34” minimum, 54” maximum
Puppy Roll 36" minimum
Quad Runner 34” minimum, 54” maximum
Red Baron 36” minimum unless accompanied, 54” maximum
Rock Star 42” minimum, 300 lb. maximum
Rock Wall 30lb-200lb
Rock-N-Roll 48" minimum, 36" - 48" may ride with adult
Scooter 48” minimum to drive, 42” minimum to ride
Showtown Merry-Go-Round 42” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Side-By-Side 34” minimum, 54” maximum
Silver Streak (Lady Bug) 48” minimum, 36” minimum with an adult
Sky Fighter 36" minimum, 52" maximum
Sky Flyer 48” minimum, 79” maximum
Starship 2000 (The Force) 42” minimum
Super Slide 42” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Thunderbolt 42” minimum
Tilt-A-Whirl 46” minimum unless accompanied by an adult
Tractors 34” minimum, 54” maximum
Treasure Island Inflate 40" minimum, 76" maximum, 200 lb. maximum, maximum of 4 patrons over 42"
Volkswagon 34” minimum, 54” maximum
Wacky Worm 42” minimum; 36”-42" minimum may ride with an adult
Wave Swinger 42” minimum, 230 lb. maximum
Zero Gravity 42” minimum, 77” maximum
Zipper 48” minimum


Stay safe and have fun on the midway!

Check out the video below created by the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA).

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