New Food Showdown
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New Food Showdown

Photo of the New Food Showdown Winner 2018
2018 New Food Showdown Winner
Apple Quesadilla by Jack's Delicious Taco in a Bag

Check out the participants from the 2018 fair
and stay tuned to see who will be competing in the 2019 New Food Showdown!
Deep Fried Piggy
Mac Taco
Pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw all inside a taco shell then deep fried.

Jim's Taco located on Trackside

Donut Grilled Cheese with Bacon
Cheddar & American cheese with bacon grilled on a glazed donut for a delicious combination.

The Big Cheese located near Creative Arts Building
Garlic Parmesan Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob with garlic butter and parmesan cheese.

The Crafted Cob located near Creative Arts Building
Apple Quesadilla
Apple quesadilla dipped in butter, deep fried, topped with confectionery sugar & drizzled with icing.
Jacks Delicious Fries located on Broadway
Cookie Dough
Homemade edible cookie dough, Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Oreo or Surprise Flavor.

4 Dogs Dessert located on Slade Park
Sweet Tots
Sweet potato tater tots with marsh mellow fluff and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Fun Time Foods located on Broadway
Surf & Turf Pierogi
Shaved beef, mushroom, and onion filled pierogi, topped with grilled garlic shrimp & basil parmesan sauce.

Babcia's Pierogi located on Trackside

Cowboy Nachos
Chips, cheese, chili, beans, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos.

Big G's Food Service located on Trackside

Loganberry Sundae
Dippin Dots Ice Cream, loganberry syrup, white chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Dippin Dots on Avenue of Flags

Dirty Bird
Chicken Italian sausage patties with BBQ glaze, caramelized, onion, cheddar cheese & Asian slaw served on grilled ciabatta.

Mineo & Sapio on Broadway

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