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Erie County Agricultural Society Year Round Job Opportunities

Livestock & Equine Complex Specialist - Part Time/Non-Exempt


  • Grandstand Usher
  • Media Assistant: Responsible for using a golf cart to drive media to specific areas of the Fairgrounds throughout the shift. Must have a valid drivers license.
  • Work for a Food Vendor
  • Work for a Shopping Vendor
  • Gate Attendent
  • Parking Attendant
  • Other
Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you employment. Regret letters will not be sent. For the positions listed above, please fill out the application below or download the paper application and mail to:
Erie County Agricultural Society
5600 McKinley Parkway
Hamburg, NY 14075

2024 Seasonal Fair Employment Application

Please fill out the form below completely. Please note we get many submissions and that filling out this application does not guarantee employment. Regret letters will not be sent.
The Erie County Fair runs August 7-18, 2024.
Do you have a valid driver's license? Checking no does not automatically disqualify you.

Are you looking for Full or Part Time work?

What position are you applying for?

Have you worked for the Erie County Agricultural Society in the past?

After reading the Note below, I certify the following:

After reading the Note below, I certify the following:

Note: Do not circle that you have been convicted of a crime if:
a. Your conviction (felony or misdemeanor) was sealed by a court, or
b. You received an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) and the Adjournment period has elapsed, or
c. The proceeding on the criminal offense resulted in juvenile delinquency adjudication or youthful offender adjudication, or
d. After completing a treatment program, your proceeding resulted in the dismissal of all charges by the court.
If you are not 18 or over, you must submit a copy of your working papers prior to starting your employment. By checking the box for the Terms and Conditions of this application, I herby authorize the Erie County Agricultural Society to verify the information through appropriate sources.
I Agree to the Terms and Conditions
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