Little Hands on the Farm
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Little Hands on the Farm

A pint sized interactive farm!

This new interactive exhibit is another piece of the Fair’s continued efforts to provide educational, yet fun, opportunities for Fair guests to experience the different components of agriculture.

Little Hands on the Farm has transformed Baker Park into a kid-sized farm, complete with barns, gardens, and animals! This hands-on experience will have children participating in various farm “chores” from milking a cow, to driving a tractor.

This experience is geared towards children ages 2-10.
Open daily: 10:00am-8:00pm
Opening Day: 12:00pm-8:00pm

Interactive barns include:

Starting Barn. Get outfitted in a Little Hands on the Farm apron and bucket.

Sheep Barn. Groom a pretend sheep and take a sample of wool in your bucket. Supported by Morton Building

Dairy Barn. Help milk a cow simulator and grab a carton of milk for your bucket. Supported by Upstate Farms

Chicken Coop. Grab an egg from the chickens to take with you.

Garden Shed. Plant some vegetable seeds and take a veggie in your bucket. Supported by Tractor Supply

Grain Bin. Fill a bag with grain inside the silo.

Tractor Track. Pedal your tractor around and deliver your grain to some hungry animals. Supported by Lamb & Webster

Honey Hive. Learn about honey bees! Turn the extractor to get your honey for your bucket.
Items donated by Masterson's Garden Center, East Aurora, NY

Farmers Market. “Sell” the contents of your bucket back at the Farmers Market and get a Little Hands of the Farm Dollar for all the hard work.

TOPS Grocery Market. Spend the dollar inside the grocery market on a drink or snack.

Girl in Honey Hive Barn
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