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Got Talent? Competitive Exhibit Entry Info Here

Photo of Vegetables
At the Erie County Fair, we love to compete! Spirited competition among peers is at the heart of the fair experience. Who has the best photograph? Best jam? Biggest stalk of corn? Annually the Erie County Fair offers a chance to show off our region’s creativity in a variety of exhibits from wine making, fine arts, conservation, woodworking and agriculture just to name a few. More than 12,500 entries in 8,914 classes are processed each year for a chance to win cash prizes, but more importantly, the bragging rights that’s associated with taking home a championship ribbon.

The Erie County Fair welcomes public participation as most competitions have no residency requirement. Only the Fair’s “Home Wine,” “Home Brew” and “Environment & Sportsman Building” categories are restricted to residents of New York State. Children as young as 5 years of age are encouraged to take part in Junior Creative Arts submissions that include Lego building block sculptures, handmade jewelry and doll making.

Livestock Questions 716-649-3900 extension 6499 or email

Competitive Exhibit Questions 716-649-3900 extension 6407 or email

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