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Admission and grandstand tickets go on sale July 1st at 9am. Available online only.
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Guest Services

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Fair Safety Tips

#1 If You See Something-
Say Something! Whether it is suspicious behavior, unsafe conditions or inappropriate actions of others, go with your gut and report it to the appropriate authorities

#2 Download the CodeRed app on your smartphone to receive safety and emergency alerts that can keep you and your family safe. Visit CodeRed to download on your phone or Sign up on their website.

#3 Children can easily be separated in large crowds: take a photo of your child upon arriving at the Fair so security has a recent photo in case of emergency. Write your contact information on a sticker or wristband for children who cannot remember their own phone number. Visit the Erie County Sheriff's for a Child ID tag.

#4 In an emergency dial 911. Tell the dispatcher you are at the Erie County Fair and give as much detail as you can about your location on the grounds. Stay on the line and be prepared to give pertinent information.
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