Agriculture Discovery Center
Admission and grandstand tickets go on sale July 1st at 9am. Available online only.
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Agriculture Discovery Center

The Agriculture Discovery Center opened its doors in 2014 as the largest facility of its kind in the region. The state-of-the-art building features two primary components, livestock stalling and interactive exhibits.

During the Fair the livestock portion is filled with dairy cattle. The cows live in luxury in a building designed for their comfort and care. Exhibitors also find features in the ADC helpful in prepping their animals for show time.

Visitors to the Fair will find that the Agriculture Discovery Center is packed with interactive exhibits for the whole family. Explore the site below for a peek into everything there is to see and do at the ADC.
Dairy Row
Dairy Row. Learn all about Dairy Cows through interactive displays, calf feedings and don’t forget to say hi to “Western”, a Jersey Heifer calf who was born here last year!
Sugarhouse Photo
Fair-ly Sweet Sugarhouse. Learn about the process of boiling sap to make maple syrup.
Duck Slide
Duck Slide. Watch the cute, fluffy ducklings go down a custom slide into a pool of water!
Chick Hatchery
Poultry Palace & Chick Hatchery. Watch a chick take its first steps at the Chick Hatchery. Learn all about eggs, the life cycle of chickens, different breeds and so much more!
Vineyard Display
Vineyard. This year’s vineyard will feature a new display with a TV in the Oxbo Grape Harvester to show the harvesting process with information on the wine making process.
Harvest Theater. Take a break from the Fair and get ag-ucated at the Harvest Theater. Presentations from every corner of the agriculture industry will take place throughout the day.
Moo-Ternity Ward. Cows who are almost ready to give birth will be stationed at the Moo-ternity Ward. Under the watchful eye of student vets calves will be born in the birthing pen. Guests may be lucky enough to see a live birth while visiting the Fair. Text 88588 to be notified when a cow is in labor. Click here for a live stream.
Sow & Piglets. A sow and her newborn piglets will be on hand. Fairgoers can see how the mother sow takes care of the piglets as they snuggle up close looking for some milk.
Milkable Mabel. Kids can try their hand at milking a cow inside Milkable Mabel's Stable! The ADC also features a state-of-the-art Robotic Milker, demonstrating the new hands-free technology that is milking cows today!
Calf Feeding
Calf Feeding. Kids can enter their name to be chosen to feed a calf.
Milking Parlor. Visit the milking parlor to see cows as they are being milked. Bleachers provide the perfect resting spot to watch as claw milkers are attached to the cows and milk flows through glass lines from cow to container.
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