Accessibility Guide
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Accessibility Guide

If you have any questions or suggestions on the accessibility of this website,, please contact
Accessible Parking
All lots have accessible parking however the best lots to use are:
Lot 4 off of South Park
Lot 5 off of Clark Street
ASL Interpreter
There will be an ASL interpreter on site during the Fair. Check back to see the schedule for when they will be on the grounds for the 2021 Erie County Fair.
Visual Impairments
A schedule of events for the day is offered in Braille and Large Print at all Guest Services on the grounds.
Service Animals
Service animals are allowed.
Therapy dogs or emotional support animals are NOT considered service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the State of New York Attorney General's guidance which the Erie County Fair adheres to, and will not be allowed on the Fairgrounds.
Accessible Grandstand Seating
Accessible seating is available in the Grandstand for all concert and motor events.
For concerts, there is accessible seating in both the reserved and general admission sections.
For motor events, there is accessible seating in the general admission section located in the West grandstand.
Patrons with disabilities are allowed up to three companion seats.
All patrons in these sections will need an accessible ticket.
Please indicate your need for an accessible ticket(s) when purchasing.
Guests who would like to rent a wheelchair, wagon, stroller or electric scooter may do so from Scootaround
Credit card payment is required at the time of reservation, as is the day you plan on attending the Fair.
Full rate required at time of reservation, if rental is returned within 4 hours, a credit will be issued.
Rentals are distributed from locations at the Fair listed above through Scootaround Inc., not the Erie County Fair itself. Rentals are loaned on a first come, first served basis.
Walk up rentals are available but reservations can be made online here or over the phone at 1-888-441-7575, option 1.
If you have questions regarding the Fair- please call 716-649-3900, not the reservation number!

Locations at Fair
Gate 2 - off McKinley Pkwy or Quinby Dr, near the 4-H Youth Development Building
Gate 4 - off South Park Ave to the left of Hamburg Gaming
Gate 4a - located in the front lobby of the Event Center
Gate 5 - off Clark St
Stroller: $10
Wagons: $15
Wheelchairs: $25 ($20 for under 4 hours)*
Electric Scooters $55 ($40 for under 4 hours)*
Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices
The Erie County Fair recognizes that some individuals will use Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD) based on personal needs due to their disability. The Fair respects the rights of individuals with disabilities and the devices utilized to be mobile. The Fair reserves the right to deny access based on the safety of patrons. This is based on capacity of the grounds, high volume pedestrian traffic to include children and confined spaces where patrons travel throughout.
  • Operators agree to provide personal assurance that the OPDMD is needed due to the Operator's disability
  • OPDMD cannot be operated faster than normal walking speed (2-4 miles per hour)
  • OPDMD must strictly observe and adhere to applicable safety rules & regulations governing the operation and use of OPDMD as published by the manufacturer of the unti
  • OPDMD operator will be allowed access to the golf cart routes The Fair adheres for its personnel. A map will be provided.
  • Golf carts and OPDMDs comparable to golf carts are not allowed with the exception of golf carts having a Fair permit tag.
  • OPDMD will be stored in a location that does not obstruct egress.
  • OPDMD operator must remain with the unit at all times. If Operator stops for any reason, such as to use a restroom or a refreshment, Operator must secure the OPDMD in a location that does not impair the free movement of other patrons.
  • Use of the OPDMD may be temporarily prohibited in any or all parts of the Fair during times of highest/peak congestion.
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