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Environment & Sportsmen

The Conservation Building is staple at our Fair, it has been a staple for a VERY long time! Our Fair guests look forward to coming this building each year. The Erie County Fair, out of dedication to this building has created a committee of like-minded people who are passionate about outdoor education, that want to see the building flourish.

Our mission is to increase educational opportunities with hands-on, kid friendly, staffed exhibits that are engaging for the fair guest.

The committee has rebranded the building which will now be the Environment & Sportsmen Building.

With the rebrand we have some exciting new things happening. We have added a Jerky Competition which will be on display during the Fair in the Environment & Sportsmen building and will be judged in the Erie County Fair Cooks Kitchen. We are working with NYS Parks on the added Kids Camp which will take place Friday, August 14, Saturday August 15 and Sunday August 16. Each day will target a different age group of kids. The kids will spend an hour with a NYS Park Naturalist and will leave with the materials to complete to earn a patch.

On the last weekend of the Fair, Minnesota author, Kevin Lovegreen will be introducing “Lucky Luke,” to fair-goers in the Environment and Sportsmen building. Kevin enjoys inspiring kids to enjoy the outdoors through his amazing hunting and fishing adventures he shares through “Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures.”Kevin will bring a unique perspective into the building and engage fair-goers through storytelling and game calling.

How Do I Enter?

It is necessary that you view all the important information listed below in order to enter correctly.

You may enter competitions by clicking the "Enter Online" link starting June 1st. All competitions will be entered online.

  • You will be directed to another web page where you will be instructed to create an account.
  • We encourage you to create a passport account when you log in. This will keep all your entries in one place, a single login for multiple fairs/ competitions, and access to the mobile app for faster results and tracking of awards.
  • Please follow the step by step process to put in all your entries.
  • YOU MUST pay for entries BEFORE they are considered submitted.
  • You can log back into your account at any point before the deadline to add additional entries.
  • For additional instructions click here: 2020 Entry Instructions

Contact the Competitive Exhibits office at entries@ecfair.org or by phone at 716-649-3900 ext. 6407

Important Information About 2020 Entry Process

There are 3 TYPES of accounts:

* One-time only single user account, you will have to create a new one each year
* One-time only group account, you will have to create a new one each year
* Passport Account (recommended), it stores your information for years and you can look back at your previous years’ placings, it will also store your animal information if you are entering livestock!

** You CAN change your one-time accounts into a passport account at any time

There are several different links to use when entering:

To enter Creative Arts, Woodcarving, Environment & Sportsmen, Ag-Grange, Home Wine (age 13 & older) - https://ecfair.fairwire.com/

To enter Junior Creative Arts and Ag-Grange (age 12 & under) - https://ecfairyouth.fairwire.com/
To enter Open Class Livestock - https://ecfairlive.fairwire.com/
To enter Open Class Poultry & Rabbits - https://ecfairlivepr.fairwire.com/
To enter 4-H or FFA - https://ecfaircce.fairwire.com/

IF you use the one-time only account you will NEED to make a new account for each of the links listed above.IF you use the passport account you can find each link under your 1 account by going to “List of Fairs” in the top right.



Entry Arrival: Tuesday August 11th 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM or Wednesday August 12th 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Entry Removal: Monday August 24th between 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Breakfast With Champions. Click here for more information.

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