Sensory Room
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Sensory Room

This space was created specifically to provide fairgoers a chance to escape to a sensory-friendly environment that looks to soothe and comfort a person who may be overwhelmed. Certain types of overstimulation that can occur at an event are loud noises, bright lights movement and a lot of people. This 16x19 room provides a chance to “get away” from all of the activity to calm down.

This indoor space will have ambient sound, calming lights, wall padding, weighted blankets, bubble wall feature, as well as sensory kit items. Sensory kits include noise cancelling headphones, a number of fidget spinners, pop-its, soft toys and imaginative play items. The sensory room is available to individuals with ASD and related disabilities including learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments.

The equipment and materials available in this new area were provided by our partners at Southtowns Audio Video, Shanor Electric Supplies; a division of NOCO, and Mattress Firm. The Sensory Room will be open during regular operating hours of the fair, closing at 10:00pm daily.

The fair will be hosting “Sensory Hours”. On Tuesday, August 15th, between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm, sensory friendly hours have been designed for people who might find the typical fair visit too much to handle, both kids and adults. A more toned down version of the Erie County Fair where the rides will run with no flashing lights, music, or microphones and lights and the volume on the PA announcements will be turned down.
Please note: The rides do not open until 12pm every day.

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