ADMAR Skid Steer Rodeo
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ADMAR Skid Steer Rodeo

ADMAR's Skid Steer Rodeo Photo
Compete for the fastest time in this skid steer competition and win some prizes!
Competition runs the entire duration of the Farm Show.
Thursday 10am-4pm • Friday 10am-4pm • Saturday 9am-3pm
Inside Showplex
Sponsored by
Thursday, January 30 Friday, January 31 Saturday, February 1
1st 2:03.59 - Allen Neuroth 1:38.41 - Spencer L. 1:18.45 - Brian E.
2nd 3:07.68 - Mike Agle 1:54.59 - Bryce G. 1:18.52 - Reuben H.
3rd 3:07.73 - Michael Reding 2:10.12 - Carl L. 1:19.23 - Glenn H.


All contestants must be:
1. 18 years of age or older and be able to provide proof of age.
2. Physically able to operate the machinery in the event.
3. Experienced operators. No novice operators allowed.


1. All contestants must complete the score card and sign the waiver section.
2. Management reserves the right to refuse any contestant from participating in the event.
3. All safety equipment on the machines must be used while operating the machine.
4. All throttles on the machines are preset and must remain in the position they were in at the start.
5. All penalties are at the judge’s discretion and cannot be disputed by the contestant.
6. Each penalty adds 10 seconds to your time.
7. The decision of the scoring judge is final.
8. Any contestant operating in an unsafe manner will be told to stop and will be disqualified from the event.
9. Prizes for the fastest time on each machine will be based on clean runs with no penalties.
10. The maximum time for each machine is 5 minutes. If you have timed out and have not finished the event, you will receive the maximum time.
11. All contestants must have footwear that covers the entire foot. No flip flops or open toe/open back shoes.
12. Participants are allowed to compete once per day. If you have placed in the Top 3, you are unable to compete again for the remainder of the Farm Show. Participants not placing in the top 3 can return in the following days to compete again.

ADMAR Skid Steer Rodeo 2020

Please fill out the following form in its entirety to pre-register for the ADMAR Skid Steer Rodeo.
Competitions run daily.
Thursday, January 30 10am-4pm • Friday, January 31 10am-4pm • Saturday, February 1 9am-3pm

Operator Information


Emergency Contact

A WNY Farm Show team member will be in contact with you to choose a time slot in which you will compete. Each time slot is roughly 10-12 minutes apart. Please arrive to the skid steer course 10 minutes prior to your assigned time slot, Booth 207, located inside the Showplex, where you will be asked to sign a waiver. Be sure to follow all the rules and regulations listed above.
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